NZ Industries heavily depend on Migrant Labour

The hospitality, tourism, farming and building sectors say they all are heavily dependent on migrant labour and would be worried at any suggestion of cutbacks.

A recent Treasury paper said migrants helped the economy by providing complementary skills and filling skill gaps. That’s endorsed by industries relying on migrant workers to fill jobs Kiwis don’t want or lack the skills to do.

The 15th annual Migration Trends and Outlook report released late last year showed more than 170,000 people were granted work visas, a rise of 10 per cent.  This was the third consecutive increase since the start of the global financial crisis, reflecting the strong demand for labour in New Zealand.

Turbo Staff recruits for the construction industry & Managing Director Ihaka Rongonui said he had about 130 Filipinos on his books in Christchurch and they made up more than half of his placements.

With the city’s commercial rebuild ramping up, demand was such that he could place a further 100 migrants, but he was working with agencies such as WINZ to recruit young Kiwis. Over the past two years he had also brought up to 90 New Zealanders back from overseas.

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/80812202/NZ-industries-would-struggle-without-migrant-labour?cid=app-iPhone