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Ronald the Resident!

We are happy to announce that one of our Migrant workers has received his NZ Residency!

Ronald Lanto arrived in to Christchurch in July 2014 to work as a Painter and help rebuild our city. We provided him with accommodation – including bedding and cooking necessities, helped him obtain his full NZ drivers license, booked him in to English classes to help him understand the kiwi culture and included him in our basketball tournament to help him meet other Filipino’s in the society and feel like he was right at home!

“It’s a lot of extra upfront work at the beginning, but to offset the extra effort you end up with a worker who’s going to be loyal and work hard every day. . . it’s a no brainer.”
– Ihaka Rongonui, Managing Director

As Ronald has always worked abroad in the Construction Industry, his ultimate goal was to get his Residency so his family could move to Christchurch and they could be together again. To help him reach this goal, we assisted him throughout the process of getting his residency – from gathering all the documents required, to providing him with some financial assistance – it was all worth it to see him so content with his wife and children, living comfortably in Christchurch.

“Our job is not just getting feet on the ground, it’s about educating the clients. Our interest is in the welfare of the guys and we know from a business point of view that’s going to work for us as well.”
– Mike Milligan, Regional Manager – Auckland