Turbo Team in the Philippines

The Turbo Team are always seeking the highest quality candidates, both Locally & Internationally.

With the increased demand for workers who are on the skills shortage list in New Zealand, we look further abroad to source the workers required by our clients. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, hence the reason why they are so suitable working in various areas of the world.

To ensure we are thorough in our selection process, we have aligned with a Filipino Recruitment Agency that has over 20 years’ experience in relocating qualified & experienced construction staff around the world. This local knowledge of the people & their requirements, adds to our personable recruitment service as well as lending invaluable experience of what the best methods for identifying the best candidates from their country.

Once the shortlisted candidates have been trade tested in the Philippines & passed our set requirements, we send our consultants over there to carry out a specific relocation interview process where the main focus is on their English speech assessment & working suitability for New Zealand.

Mike & Aaron have spent the past week in the Philippines personally interviewing shortlisted candidates. They are very happy with the boys that will be joining the Turbo Team over the upcoming months!