Christchurch – one of the best places to live!

A recent campaign by the Christchurch Airport showcases how far we have come as a city after the devastating earthquake in February, 2011.

Interviews were carried out with local business people, politicians, community leaders & residents about how they saw Christchurch and people of all ages and socio-economic categories had positive things to say about the growing community.

“There are pockets of old, but the excitement of the new… we are rebuilding a modern western city”

The immediate attraction for Kiwis was the close access to the sea, ski fields, hiking trails, and variety of outdoor activities in stunning settings. Surfing and Skiing are within two hours of each other!

The Kiwi dream is to grow, connect and find balance in life. Researchers found that Christchurch is not just the best place to be a Kiwi, but the best place to ‘live the Kiwi dream’.

“The earth has moved, we’ve changed, we’ve moved” – Local