Turbo Staff is a 100% locally owned and operated recruitment agency specialising in locating expert staff for the New Zealand construction market by offering quality employment and accommodation solutions. Much like the meaning of the word Turbo – a combining form, creating momentum – we pride ourselves on creating solutions that are lasting, bringing our clients and specialist candidates together, allowing both to move forward with pace and definition.

With expansive success in our unique campaigning tactics throughout all regions of New Zealand to locate staff required for the increasing demand in the construction market, we now also have a successful initiative dedicated to the recruitment of expert staff from the Philippines into both Christchurch and Auckland.

Our experienced staff have a vast range of knowledge when it comes to the employment market, meaning you are in good hands when looking for the right position. We understand that the Construction market is very unique and can be stressful for both job seekers and employers with such a dynamic and fast paced environment developing. For this reason we have a specialised recruitment process which allows fast results whether you are local or relocating.