Our company principles are based around locating quality staff for our clients and believe that there is no short-cut in upholding this aspect. Recruitment is a science of connecting people with people and for this reason we can guarantee a personable approach to every aspect of our process.

Turbo Staff has extensive experience with relocating international candidates into skilled positions across New Zealand. We travel to the other countries throughout the year to carry out face to face interviews as well as trade testing which we would tailor to the requirements of the projects for our clients – we find this personable approach to be the key to our ongoing success.


Prior to working in New Zealand, all Turbo Staff workers are taken through a full day of information relating to their relocation to New Zealand, this includes:

  • First aid course including onsite Health & Safety
  • NZ Driving tutorial
  • Organisation of Bank accounts & IRD numbers
  • Budgeting & Financial advice (including how NZ tax law works)
  • Allocation of tools & gear
  • Checking in to accommodation
  • Providing information on local amenities

This model ensures an ethical & morally correct approach to the supply of Migrant Staff, as well as satisfying both the NZ code of ethics & NZ Immigration.


Turbo Staff have close affiliations with the following companies who support our model:


Immigration New Zealand


New Zealand Chamber of Commerce


Work and Income New Zealand


Lane Neave Lawyers


Canterbury Skills & Employment Hub


“Supporting new Filipino staff for the Canterbury labour market is no straightforward affair – it takes empathy, organisation, creativity, and patience to get this right.  Turbo Staff have demonstrated all of these attributes to create a welcoming environment for new migrant staff, thereby improving their productivity and retention rates.”

Lana Hart
Skilled Migrant Business Service
Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce