Turbo Staff is dedicated to recruiting and employing local staff where available, and also proactively recruit globally for returning Kiwi staff who are returning home.

With New Zealand industries in a historic growth period, we see opportunities for local Kiwis to be better than ever, as well as very attractive career moves for those who have been working abroad over the past few years. To maximise our ability to cater for both our clients and candidates, we offer relocation and accommodation packages to our placed candidates to make their shift from regional NZ and further abroad an easy transition.


Turbo Staff have a close affiliation with the following companies within the construction Industry:


BCITO (Builders Board)


Site Safe


EWP (Elevated work platform)


Safe Rebuild


PGDB (Plumbers Board)



Working alongside these companies provides our workers with the correct knowledge, skills & information required to perform their jobs exceptionally. We understand our clients are dedicated to offering opportunities to local Kiwi candidates as are we, so please contact us today to hear about how we can tailor a strategy for you to gain valuable Kiwi qualified staff.