With successfully relocating many staff already, we understand the importance of each worker’s support outside of the job to be just as crucial as support in their job.

It is for this reason that Turbo Staff specialises in both the supply of accommodation as well as having quality relationships with trusted accommodation suppliers. This ensures that the Filipino workers arriving into New Zealand can settle into their new environment quickly and feel at home.

To help facilitate an easy and safe transition into the workplace, we provide the workers with all the correct safety gear, book the specific courses required (including a Filipino translated site safe course) and provide the workers with transportation to/from work until they have found their bearings.


Outside of work, we also run various Filipino events, including a basketball competition to help them meet new people and immerse themselves into the Kiwi culture. We have noticed that the more time they spend with other people, the more confident they become in the workplace.


Throughout their employment, we will keep in contact with our newly appointed workers on a weekly basis to ensure this process goes smoothly and you have a happy and productive worker turning up every day.